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File Names : what should be avoided

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Yes, I have an application i use many times a day that doesn't sanitize :wallbash:

Maybe I should file a bug report...

For a long time now, I've used underscore to start some folder names

I'm currently having trouble with two apps Textmaker 2008 and Directory Opus 8
They both take an age to open either files or folders

* Textmaker takes 40 seconds to open a file from in one of these folders via Win.Explorer or Dir.Opus

* Dir.Opus also takes an age to open one of these folders via context menu (Explore or Open) - Win.Explorer doesnt have this problem
Any ideas ? 
I guess I could try a restart ...

Any ideas ? 
I guess I could try a restart ...
-tomos (February 17, 2009, 06:36 AM)
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well, it seems to be sorted after a restart
the wonders of windows


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