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Postbox - a new Mozilla-based email client

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I just took a quick look at PostBox. I didn't find any capability to create and use templates. Has anyone else found this feature or am I just out of luck?

no GPG, no use for me.

no GPG
-urlwolf (February 15, 2009, 04:13 AM)
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oh I didn't even look that far. That is another showstopper to be sure.

However, I still hope they get a Linux version done and will support encryption. Just so there is stronger competition on the "market for free email programs" :)

Before I'll test I have to ask:
does it allow you to reply below quoted e-mail or above?

"Conversation views" screenshot gives me bad feelings about the second possibility.

I will try that app but I think I am TheBat! addicted already ;) Also an interface might be "too Mac" for me (judging from screenshots).
-fenixproductions (February 11, 2009, 08:40 PM)
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You can set it to quote above reply, below reply, or select the quote.
Tools/Account Settings/Composition and Addressing.
You can uncheck the HTML box there as well and it should revert to text messages.

I don't like the mail sorting options.
I'm still looking for an email client that sorts mail like Eudora - the original, not the one Mozilla's working on.

I've been using the beta versions as they are released, the one before the most recent (when they went public) hung up one day when I clicked on it in the taskbar.
When I restarted it, all my email was gone.

Pro's: it imported all my settings from Eudora but it changed the ports of my Gmail account.
It indexes messages in a heartbeat. I like that combined with the search capabilities.
I like the ability to archive messages combined with the indexing, it make searching much easier.
I know Thunderbird has an archive feature, as does gmail - but neither have the indexing capabilities.
I love the To-Do feature.

Con's: still in beta so a bit buggy, and it doesn't sort like Eudora. = )

.. it doesn't sort like Eudora. = )
-laughinglizard (February 16, 2009, 05:05 PM)
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I'm curious - how does/did Eudora sort?


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