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Postbox - a new Mozilla-based email client

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Wow they managed to not make a linux version despite basing it on mozilla. This does not convince me one bit.

Linux "under consideration"


What platforms does Postbox support?

    At this time we support Windows and Macintosh.


Do you have plans for a Linux version?

    It's under consideration, but nothing to announce at this time.

--- End quote ---

Calendering interoperability?


Does Postbox include a calendar?

    We recognize the importance of calendaring interoperability and we'll be working on this area in the future.

--- End quote ---

Before I'll test I have to ask:
does it allow you to reply below quoted e-mail or above?

"Conversation views" screenshot gives me bad feelings about the second possibility.

I will try that app but I think I am TheBat! addicted already ;) Also an interface might be "too Mac" for me (judging from screenshots).

Looks cool! I'll definitely try it out... but not now for some reason. Thanks for sharing dspelley I've changed e-mail clients a few times and it's usually a PITA.

Very nice, IMO! Support for some extensions would be very nice, but a really nice mail client (at least for the couple of minutes I test drove it). Import from Thunderbird worked like a charm.

edit: I should learn to use another word to replace 'nice'... :-\
-TucknDar (February 11, 2009, 01:27 PM)
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Good to hear the transition was easy. Thunderbird is what I'm using as well.


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