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Would online browsable help files for the apps be useful?

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I'm wondering how valuable people think it would be to make the help files for my programs browsable online?

hello mouser,

would this be instead of providing 'help' with the installed programs or as a compliment - just wondering why you would have both, unless the online version offers something exta?

i should have been clearer-

the only thing i was talking about was making it possible for visitors to the web site to be able to browse the help files online *without* ever installing the program.  so it would just be a way for people to glance through the manual without having to actually install the program.
for people who already have it installed it would be of no value, you'd always have the normal help files in the program when you install it.

if you think it's going to encourage a new user to try the software out then it sounds like a good idea.

it can't do any harm.

It's always usefull.
When I suggest programs for other people I try to direc them to the "faq" or help files of the program.
I guess we are all lazy, downloading, packing up, installing, trying.. What a drag...  :-[


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