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A better World


In my quest to make a better world I hazard this suggestion...

How about an offshoot of the site where we suggest new, no... not software, but new ideas for websites. And to kick it off, I'd like to suggest a "campaigners united" website where people list various campaigns they would like help/ support with. This would work at the international, national or local (even building or room) levels. It's my belief that campaigns would work better if campaigners of all sorts shared resources (and best practice) and this would hopefully be one of those. I'm afraid I don't have web-servers and resources to do the idea credit but I wish someone would take the idea and run with it... If someone else hasn't already thought of it.

I think such a site would encourage people to see other successful campaigns and take heart in the sight of so many other people who haven't just rolled over and ACCEPTED IT (whatever it is) but are struggling to improve the situation. Seeing that the folks down the street are also cheesed off about X should make them feel a little more political and a little less apathetic.


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