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Mini-Review of Find&Run Robot

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Thanks for the explanation.

good review! :up: just curious why haven't you updated to the latest Farr?

OK, ok...I was being lazy...since mouser already had screenshots, I didn't bother making my own.  I'll go update my screenshots.  It will be updated in a few minutes.

Updated with correct screenshot.

Nice green gradient in the skin -- I went looking for it locally but somehow didn't come across it.

The Poweruser section was a nice touch  :Thmbsup:

borderline insane plugins

--- End quote ---


side note about mouser's galleryOn a tangential note, I don't think I had ever seen mouser's gallery -- it was nice to be able to view subsequent screenshots with ease by clicking on the triangle button pointing right between the one pointing to the left and the dashed arrow one pointing to the right:

When I came across the following, I started wondering which skin it was:

Looks like perhaps the options here are from an older version too:


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