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silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

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If you add drunk people to fitness quotes, things get hilarious. (more at
-wraith808 (April 17, 2015, 11:38 AM)
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Those werrrreeeee GREAT~!

Hit man monkey was maybe the greatest picture i have ever seen in my life.

only thing I have to add is this check their youtube channel out they have some great stuff.

Sorry if someone already posted that. huge thread  :Thmbsup:



From Slashdot today:

(some user) "hahaha, your brain can't grasp rudimentary concepts of..."
Anonymous Coward: "Sorry, my neuron is busy right now."


A funny article about a town that's considering changing it's slogan because people no longer speak their own language sufficiently well enough to understand it.

The mayor of a town in northern Saskatchewan sighs at the prospect of having to explain yet again what the community’s slogan really means.

Tisdale has been called the “Land of Rape and Honey” for nearly 60 years and its weathered welcome sign still sports the phrase.

Rape refers to rapeseed, a bright yellow crop that was a precursor to the modern canola and a key agriculture product of the area. But it offends people who think it means sexual assault.
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I dunno, I gotta agree with the mayor on this one.

Sometimes language moves in tidal wave shifts, so that you just can't squeak by super-obsolete definitions anymore in the old contexts.

The famous ones are of course "gay" and "gay '90s" (1890's), and "faggot" (pile of wood, and no, not *that* kind of wood!).

And those are even moderately "nice" words nowadays!!

The R-word is way up there for the top 10 list of most super-charged words ever!

So I don't think a head-bang icon is called for this time! Call it a linguistic force of nature. I've never even heard of that ...uh ... seed. Right. It just won't quit!


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