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silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

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Arizona Hot:
Is this something anyone here would use(in a ballgame?) or is this something only of interest to search and rescue people?

Throwable Camera Captures Stable Video and Images, Looks Like a Pok├ęball

Arizona Hot:

Funny protest signs photo gallery

And she's wearing a coat with a zipper up high!

Those activists of today...    :P

And she's wearing a coat with a zipper up high!

Those activists of today...    :P
-Shades (July 13, 2013, 11:27 AM)
--- End quote ---

Oh Shades... You do not understand women... They are lazy... ;) :P That's YOUR job~! :P

Arizona Hot:
I believe Aaah! Zombies!!! is silly humor. The free Hulu link below will allow you to watch the whole movie.

Wasting Away (which has also been released with the title Aaah! Zombies!!) is a 2007 zombie comedy.[1] The movie was unique in that the events of the plot took place from the zombies' point of view. The film uses color footage to show the action from the zombies point of view in which they see themselves as normal humans and occasionally switches to black and white footage to show the zombies from the point of view of normal humans.


A hazardous serum that turns people into zombies, the product of a failed military experiment to create super soldiers, is accidentally released and infects a group of friends when they eat ice cream that has come in contact with the serum. Unaware that they have become zombies, they are puzzled by why people tend to flee at the sight of them, and why the world seems unusually 'sped up.' The friends meet Nick Steele, a U.S. Army soldier who was also accidentally infected and try to find out the truth while adjusting to their new lives. Meanwhile, they are being pursued by the military who are trying to contain the new zombie threat and cover up the experiment.

Watch Aaah! Zombies!! online  Free  Hulu


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