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silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

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Saw a funny rebuttal video by

It's what you would expect from Sarcastic, political, etc. etc.

Short commentary on why I'm not embedding the original - caution - politics and note on historyWhile the original is somewhat humourous, I simply don't want to link to it as it advocates wholesale slaughter. That is, if you understand what is being said and know enough history. I mean that quite literally - it advocates many of the exact same policies and principle passed and perpetrated by the National Socialist German Worker's party. But again, you need to know your history to pick up on it, and I'm not really all that enthused about going over history lessons. (And yes - I know who produced it. Doesn't change things. They probably don't know much history.

Anyways - it's simply so utterly objectionable (says a lot coming from me), that I wouldn't link to it anymore than I would link to some seriously funny blatherings in a racist web site forum. e.g. As in here. Better to link to Wikipedia.

But I must say, I do like Samuel Jackson. :) He's a great actor, and very entertaining. Too bad he's sullied himself in that video.

There are some truly shitty topics, and this is one of them:

(from website)

^ Hehe, thanks for that, Ren.

Stoic Joker:
Civet coffee - right... -  If the "Fine Dining" experience that the upper crust is so enamored with seems to mainly consist of bug bits and weasel shit ... Then I'm just flat-out tickled to death that I do not have said "refined" pallet required to "appreciate" said "delicacies"..

Now a 26 foot OTOH, that's impressive!

^ Hehe, thanks for that, Ren.
-kyrathaba (September 29, 2012, 12:12 PM)
--- End quote ---

Which? The poop or the shit? ;) :P


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