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silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

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Arizona Hot:
The best non-interactive people watchers are plastic mannequins. I know this because when I shop they never stop talking to me.
Do people with hysterical deafness listen to mannequins?
Mannequins make the best spies and they are very patient.



Arizona Hot:
Has anyone here pulled a sword out of their scone.
Have you ever gone back and forth past somewhere so soon afterwards you ran into yourself.
Running into yourself is evidence that you are a solipist. Arguing with yourself doesn't count.
Be careful not to run into yourself while driving unless you have insurance for that.
If you do, you only have yourself to blame for it.
Don't walk through mirrors, unless you like yourself.
if you divide the work between me, myself and I, it gets done faster unless you're a procrastinator.
Clean up after yourself, no matter which you did it.
Cloning is the mother of many identity problems.
Don't spread yourself too thin, someone may walk on you.

silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

Run into yourself while shopping

Arizona Hot:
Don't date a cannibal, they just want you for your body!


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