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silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

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I just read on news that: Donna Karan sorry after comments praising Harvey Weinstein

Since people are now speaking out about this, I just wanted to state - for the record that, and to my knowledge - I have never mentioned my thoughts and/or feelings about "Todger Chippy" (as he liked us to call him) - unless it was perhaps by chance when I might have been unaware of what I was saying, whilst "under the influence" during a phase of heavy drinking that I went through, prior to undergoing rehab for alcoholism.

In any event, if I did say anything, and though he got me my most important acting role, I would never have spoken in praise of him, since he was the cause of my descent into alcoholism and feelings of gross inferiority and depression for a long period, after he pressured me into letting him fondle my naked body under the suds in the bubble bath, whilst we were between takes on the set, in the steamy bathroom scene in the movie "Return to Jeopardy" - based on a true story - and where I was acting  the role of the heroine, Emily Jasper Cudgewhistle - a respectable homosexual transvestite, professional accountant and reformed pedophile, who was an ex-army gunnery sergeant-major and who became a UK Conservative MP and later Defence Minister and Cabinet Minister, and who was also also a skilled campanologist, well-known and sought-after in church parishes around the counties of Essex, Middlesex, and Nossex ,and who simply wanted to marry a nice, unattached younger American man called Rodger Datt (whom she had fallen in love with at first sight when she met him in a gay bar in Soho) and settle down and start a new life and a new family with him. It's a tragedy, because the marriage did not eventuate (read the biographies; very sad) and she eventually died single and alone in her bath (presumed drug overdose), at age 58. A great loss.

I had only tolerated Todger's disgusting and wholly unwanted behaviour at the time because I was naïve and, out of what I later regretfully realised was an entirely misguided sense of gratitude, because he was the one who had got me this - my first -  starring role in the first place. I was too ashamed of the event to ever mention it to anyone until now, and, after revealing the above, I feel refreshed and cleansed - more so than I felt cleansed after that fateful bubble bath episode, which is seared unforgettably into my memory and the cockles and sub-cockles.

Sadly, the film production ceased about half-way, so, of course, the film never made it to the box office. The backers had had second thoughts and pulled out, you see, citing the reasons that the heroine in the story lacked credibility and amidst concerns that "filmgoers would not be able to easily empathise" with the complex character of Emily Jasper, nor with the substantial hurdles and battles that she had confronted so admirably in her unhappy, foreshortened life, as she incrementally discovered herself and came to terms with who she was and her real gender. It was just too profound and too progressive a story for them, I suppose, at the time, and they didn't want to take the financial risks. They may have been prejudiced too, though I think it could be a smash hit nowadays, as, thanks to improved education, people are far more understanding and tolerant of human differences and alternative views and lifestyles than they used to be in the old days - thank goodness.

Well, that was many years ago, and this is now, and I'm a fit 93½ year old superannuitant, with a good acting career behind me, so, if they ever do decide to make a reprise of "Return to Jeopardy", I likely shan't be in it (LOL)! However, whether the production is in a movie, or for the stage, I wish whoever might eventually be cast in the role of Emily Jasper "break a leg". It's a difficult, challenging role, I can tell you, and not just anyone could do it and probably not without it changing their lives too. It certainly changed mine. Five years later, having never been comfortable with being "Griff", I changed my name to Leslie and settled down happily with the lovely actor who played the part of Roger Datt so admirably in the movie. We're still together. Sounds prosaic, I know, but there's a saying that "life follows art", or something.

Not only was the role challenging, but the campanology bits were difficult too, and I had to study and practice for a hundred or more hours in a Norman church in Lillingstone Dayrell (a tiny village near Buckingham, UK), before I could pull correctly on the bellend rope at just the right time and with just the correct force, and not keep breaking the ruddy stops on the backroll with the heavier bells, whilst still maintaining perfect sync with the chimes of the other bellringers. I've always appreciated hearing good campanology and well-rung chimes after that, and have much admiration for those who can pull on a bellend with such precision - because I know how hard it can be.

^ This is silly humor?  Hmmm....  Perhaps interesting "stuff", but silly humor?

Stoic Joker:
These three Emails showed up in my inbox in the order displayed.
silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

^ LOL!  Coincidence?  Or more Fake News.  Hmmm....

Arizona Hot:
silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

Optimal Mouse

silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

Reality is an Illusion

Does this mean that Albert Einstein was an illusion?


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