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Help (I'm stuck, I'm posting this everywhere)


Paul Keith:
The truth is I've been living a double faced lie this five years.

To the general population, I'm your typical internet netizen minus maybe a lack of general skills here and there about the most basic of knowledge. finally caught up to me. I'll quote this forum with a translated version of my problem that was posted in a Free Legal Advice Facebook Group for the Philippines.

(Note: I have never received any advises at all. That group didn't. Mad in Asia rejected my submission. My time is running close.)

I've been released back and forth for 5 years in a psychiatric ward.

There has been no consistent reason and that's why my parents and my relatives could gang up on me because all they have to do is misplace the records and not one psychiatrist ever asked for a genogram. It took a person named Angelo Subida who the local ambulance doesn't consider an authority to keep me from being sent inside to even suggest these words to my parents.

The evidence for my entrance is so thin that each of my medications were changed everytime.

Psychiatrists would tell me I would never be sent back in. They don't believe me the first time, the second time and so on and so forth.

I was forced to contact the Commission of Human Rights but as I would discover when I did this for a friend who was inside - they would never update me.

I'm monitored right now and this latest psych ward suggested I have a regular companion. A companion that would prevent me from seeking an attorney.

I couldn't amass a large enough money to file a suit but more importantly no matter who I sought whether it's the Philippines Ethics Commission or the Department of Social Welfare and Development, only one name pops up: A Miss Janice Cambri.

On the surface the name is so appealing. The only person to argue for psych ward involuntary incarceration to be torture during the Mental Health Act hearing.

In truth, she didn't protect me during 2018 when I think I last posted here. I was inside a psychiatric ward for 1 year and 3 months after that.

Her advises were replays of her old advice when I was helping my friend. Seek the CHR. When I mentioned it didn't work, she replied and revered to a relative of hers that works at a PAO...except there was no address on where to seek that relative.

She even insisted that she was burnt out from the hearing (which I can understand) but she laid it out on me by saying she's not my counselor despite the urgency of my circumstances.

When the inevitable came...just as every year before that, I was sent inside: No one came. One policeman couldn't arrest me so told me to just sit on a chair and I did and that's why I have no record,

...but that's also why the ambulance staff under the hospital Trans-med could abduct later on. Because I was sitting on a chair and not moving until they arrived and I argued for my human rights to which I was told flat out: I don't care about your human rights.

Then that's when things slid and I fought. While I was showing them Angelo Subida's appearance on UNTV they would take advantage, 4-6 ppl and lift me up. One body part at a time. They broke discussion and so I fought and inside that place, even as I have swollen body parts and the doctor inside says put a warm compress to it: the nurses never did.

I am on temporary discharge. These words came specifically from the mouth of the head nurse.

As soon as CoVid lockdown is over. I am at risk of being sent back in immediately.

Even when I'm not, I have history of being sent back in every year.

My time is running. I need a lawyer but no lawyer wants to listen to me because I cannot pay online.

My parents have always held me hostage. I have only freed myself slowly.


After my second psych ward, I went into gambling. I didn't accumulate loans but I wasn't great.

Around the same time, I was starting an independent film which allowed me to not only utilize most of my allowance but later on know how to convince the psychiatrist to allow me to live away from my parents except Saturday and Sunday.

In the meantime, online I offered to do something back then for the topic of productivity and I still haven't moved the money from my account here.

In my PokerStars account, I similarly went for broke. My parents did not allow me to have credit cards but they allow me to use theirs.

That got cancelled later on because they sent me at precisely the moment I used those cards to ask for help via Patreon.

This meant that I was at risk of being labelled a gambling addict and other things but I was in a psych ward back then that I rushed to recommend.

It meant my stay went from:

1. Their halfway house - 1 year and a half inside
2. My recommended psych ward - 4 months voluntary for ECT
3. Same psych ward - 6 months.
4. Same psych ward - 2 months.

...but this time they changed the place. The family therapist and my parents insisted it was because the psych was expensive but this psych ward costs 45,000 php per month.

How long was I there thus far?

1 year and 3 months counting...until CoVid.

After I got discharged, Janice Cambri doesn't reply.

No one does (but I didn't have much before either).

She did tell me, when you get sent to a psych ward after the Mental Health Act you can apply for torture. I wasn't sure if she was serious but this fifth fits the bill.

I don't know how I will take advantage of the situation though.

Police has historically helped parents so I don't even know how to call 9-11. The way I was sent back to their home, they looted the place I was renting and made sure I have no identification cards that are enough to even get out during quarantine.

Every form from the money the government will give is handed to me and made for me to sign and thumb mark.

Same pattern with every government ID I had before. They have control. I only have money.

Money from gambling enough to put me on the red but also to hire a lawyer but I don't know how I will reach said lawyer because I tried contacting some and trust me they are not willing to give even free consultation for my situation and my past experience with free consultation has been bad.

I have only one chance and that's to be able to withdraw money from my bank account and pay a person face to face and yet that's talking money.

I don't know how to escape my room. I'm not the fittest of person. They can use this against me permanently and I'm living off the sentencing for a guard dog not yet being authorized by the family therapist.

I'm in a really tough spot. I'm using my real name. Fuck everything right now. I'm even going to post this to every celebrity's Twitter account.-Marvin Lu Hui
--- End quote ---

You were always good to me DC. As much as I'm in need of cash (online ones), this is not a call to action for one.

I needed a place where I can post this without anyone knowing thus far.

I've been playing a hit and run game with my youtube posts mostly ranting but my Facebook profile having more calm voice (while still slowly delivering the danger) and it's just not working.

Nobody has volunteered. I have a so called friend who is a lawyer but he's waiting for the lockdown to be over "just to hear my story".

I need as strong argument as I can right now. None of these: let me try to counsel you and let's see what we can do.

I'm a little confused as to the nature of this post and in particular the quoted part of this post -- is it by Paul Keith or Marvin Lu Hui, or are they one and the same?

Paul Keith:
I'm one and the same.

Ok, I understand now.

I'm very sorry to hear you are suffering and and going through some struggles.  I wish I had some good advice or ideas for you.  Your situation sounds like it must be scary, confusing, frustrating, etc.  I can imagine you are feeling very stressed out.. And to have so much confusion going on in the world can't help.

Probably the most we can do here is just offer a friendly ear and safe space..  It sounds like a very tough situation, where you are dealing with complicated issues.


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