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Maybe somebody could write a quick piece of software, preferably command-line, whose input would be a list of sites in this form:

http://username:[email protected]/

and it would verify them and store the working ones in another list in .txt - perhaps it would check for 403 forbidden, password re-asking or some other keywords. if it would also support multithreading it would be a real life/time saver for me :tellme:

thanks in advance  :Thmbsup:

can I ask what the use of this program would be?      just curious.....

edit: not sure if it will help but you may try  its a nice program from the makers of Website Watcher which is absolutely the #1 piece of software on my PC

You could script the first part of this pretty easily with wget in a batch file.  Cmd line params exist for username & password.  Then you could scan the captured output for a keyword or two to determine the status. 

easy for me to say  ;)


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