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Some webpages are virtually illegible, kerning issue?


I've been noticing a bunch of web sites lately that have a text block that I pretty much cannot read. The text is rendered very similarly (if not exactly the same) in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Is there some issue with the font on my computer or something? Anyone know how to fix this?

Here's a screenshot from
Some webpages are virtually illegible, kerning issue?

I'd say to check the 'regional and language options' settings in control panel.

That's my best guess, I haven't seen a problem like this before.

The site and article comes up ok here with firefox and ie.

Check default font settings for your system (for all windows / menus in "Display Settings") and for your browsers.

This issue looks like problem with MS Sans Serif which should be replaced with Microsoft Sans Serif. Similar names but look&feel is very different.

Have you uninstalled Left4Dead? I've seen it remove/disable nearly all windows default fonts.

Anyway the font you're having problem with is Arial, check your PM in a minute

Thanks a bunch y'all, I don't think I would have got this fixed without y'all :) It wasn't exactly a problem with Arial (not in the sense that reinstalling Arial would fix the issue) but a problem with my Helvetica font.

Google Chrome has a feature where you can "inspect" elements of web pages.

When I inspected that section of text it said the font was helvetica.
Some webpages are virtually illegible, kerning issue?

I'll spare the details, but seeing that helvetica was the intended font and a little web searching* inspired me to delete my helvetica font file (I don't even know where it came from... Open maybe?). When I refreshed the web page it was readable again... yay!

*Apparently Helvetica isn't normally installed with Windows so is therefor substituted with Arial.


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