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The Great Firewall Hunt ... frustrating ...

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Carol Haynes:
Interesting news here:

Breaking News: Sunbelt To Acquire The Kerio Personal Firewall
Here are some of the highlights:
The acquisition is expected to be finalized by the end of this month.
The Kerio Personal Firewall will be re-branded on an interim basis as the "Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall".
All existing customers of the Kerio Personal Firewall will be able to receive support through Sunbelt once the acquisition is completed.
Upon the close of the deal, Sunbelt will also announce new reduced pricing for the full version of the product and a variety of special offers for both Kerio and Sunbelt customers.
Additionally, Sunbelt will continue Kerio's tradition of providing a basic free version for home users.
During the transition period, Kerio will continue to support the product and users are encouraged to download the Kerio Personal Firewall from the Kerio website at until the acquisition is completed.
We are thrilled with this acquisition, it's our personal favorite. We just really like how it operates. It's straightforward, very effective and also has cool features like ad blocking and intrusion prevention.

The deal will be closing at the end of the month and at that point we'll reduce the price. Sunbelt customers will also get the opportunity to buy the Kerio Firewall at a discount and we'll also be offering Sunbelt products to Kerio users at a discount. Such a deal.

From a technical standpoint, this product is pretty amazing. We were blown away during our technical due diligence with the quality of the coding and the many security features built into the product. This product is hot. This should all be wrapped up in a couple of weeks. If you want to check it out now, scroll down to the Product Of the Week section. We have a link there. (Tip 'o the hat to Alex.)

atguard was wonderful in its time (til symantec got hold of it!).

but I would suggest setting up ipcop on an old machine and not having to bother about resource usage on your main pc.

Another one, if someone want to check it: Core Force, of OpenBSD-esque roots.


Well, if we are all going to talk about Linux-based and OpenBSD-based firewalls then I guess I'll mention m0n0wall. A lot of people swear by it though I have never used it.

I have pretty much decided to dump Outpost and opt for Look 'n' Stop.  I am one of the people who suffers with a repetitive BSOD - oops, something's done something bad and we're going to have to stop everything right now, so just back away from the machine, buddy! and then it shuts down.  This is documented on their forums, and for awhile it worked for me run the firewall in background mode - this also solved an issue with Limewire connecting, though that was likely caused by an error on my part in transferring config instructions from the forum (and if it wasn't then is it safe to run in background mode?).   But the last few times I have restarted, Outpost has freaked out again and reported a crash and the need to call home...  Look 'n' Stop seems really good - it's very light (running at 6mb at the moment), and it's simple to configure.  At least I am having a holiday from Outpost - if at the end of the L'n'S trial I decide to return to OP, I think I might opt to return to 2.7.


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