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The Great Firewall Hunt ... frustrating ...

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Outpost needs better support,from the company.While i appreciate the user created forum,i feel this is not enough
considering a company that charges 39 bucks for a single lincense and 200 bucks for the office model,if i shelled out 200 bucks and was referred to a user created forum(absolutely great forum :Thmbsup:)i'd flip.The responses
from the actuall company is in the neigborhood of a week's wait.I just snapped up a two year renewall a month or
so back so i'm hangin in there.I guess i just want more life from a company.I've seen similar feeling in another thread about trillian.You shell out your money,you want to be in the loop.I should get an email from the company,
especially if it's a security company if issues have been found with a current release. 

Carol Haynes:
I don't really feel like shelling out 2 year subscriptions any more - who knows when Symantec is going to snap up Agnitum?

I have been burnt by the demise of Sygate during a long subscription. I have emailed Symantec to ask them what they are doing about existing customers with active subuscriptions - but since I haven't even received an email from either party to tell me that Sygate Firewall is dead and gone I am not holding my breath.

There can't be many firewalls left for Symantec to hoover up, but I'd guess some of the free ones are likely to be vulnerable to the Symantec machine ... however committed a developer is to free software it would take a lot of willpower to turn down a hefty offer to remove the product from the internet!

Trouble is I am quite happy using Sygate for a while ... it works as well as any others out there, but without updates how long is it going to be safe-ish?

Neat bit of marketing...any Sygate and Kerio users tempted by Outpost can get a 50 per cent discount (higher than the normal competitive upgrade discount):

Carol Haynes:
If anyone is interested I had a look at this offer. It doesn't say anywhere that the Sygate/Kerio product has to be a bought version (both did free versions) and it looks like the key supplied works with version 2 and 3 (according to their letter). Hence I have decided to give version 3 a go, and if I get problems ask some kind version 2 user for a copy of he installer and try that.

At no point in the order process are you asked any questions about previous Sygate/Kerio products.

I probably have a different point of view on the Firewall thing.
I had happily dumped every personal firewall software from my PC from when I had installed a simple NAT router + switch + firewall + ADSL combo. So much for intrusion from the external. No additional software loaded, no slowing down, etc.

As for the traffic from the PC to the outside, I simply think that the outbound per-application control is a lost cause; there are so many ways to circumvent this or that firewall controls that it's not worth the hassle, IMHO.

In addition, if you have a malicious software running that's trying to "phone home", you are already in bad waters.



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