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Installing Dock

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I guess I will have to re-write the tutorial a little better.
As for your startup folder, I would not worry too much, as windows Vista is now more dependent on a bootonstartup registry, than what actually sits in the startup folder.

I am glad it worked, and hopefully it will work for others as well.
I apologize for any confusion.
 :-[ :P :-\

Hi, no confusion on your part, Its all me, :-[ I think I did something to my start up folder a while ago, trying to speed up vista, as it was empty of any programs, and I couldn't get it to open in the programs menu.

Ah hah! Understood.

One of these days I will due a complete tutorial with images and everything.
What was a simple process in XP is no longer so in Vista.
Some folks get lost in the process, or confused by what the Folks at Redmond have done to the new OS.


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