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IDEA: Double-click makes a new folder

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Ok, thxs!  =)

I love the idea.  Works.  Can it be made so that it works with any folder, not just a folder on the desktop.  This would be very useful when I'm downloading multiple things such as programs from DC.  Each app gets it's own subdirectory in my "DL" folder.  I don't want the "DL" folder to be on the desktop.  I want it to stay on my external drive.

doesn't seem to work on Vista Home Premium 32bit. any thoughts ?

I wrote it for windows Xp, sorry I don't have a vista machine to work with.

Boliboli, about your comment; You need to change your folder options so only the name of the folder is shown in the window's title I believe. I deleted the source long ago so I'm not sure but give that a try.

For me I was able to use the script in any folder with no problems, but my computer is also the computer the program was designed for :/

re Directory maker, my antivirus (outpost) tells me that Directory maker.exe contains a trojan called
"DR binder.ALI"   I suppose this is a false positive?


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