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IDEA: Double-click makes a new folder

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The delay of your double-click isn't relevant, it shouldn't have any effect.

Nothing should be taking you to the folder above because the only keystrokes that get sent to the explorer window are {AppsKey} (opens the right click menu) w (selects New>) and {enter} (selects new folder)

I can make it so you can double click slower if needed.

The context menu shouldn't show for more than 1/4 of a second.
I can try increasing the delays in the script if you think your computer is slow.
(The time between opening the context menu and sending the keystrokes - if your computer lags when right clicking, the script won't correctly create a new folder - I might try a new approach later)

OK, thanks I am quite satisfied with this program. My computer doesn't lag when right-clicking. And I really don't mind if it doesn't create a txt file, it was just a though. It is good as it is. Thanks

You're very welcome

cough cough

Hi Conquer,

I thought this would be a nice thing to try, but it only creates .txt files on my WinXP SP3 x32 system, even if i remove the Config.txt file.  

I also lost the ability to left-click-drag-select-area, i have to click in another window/process and then return to do it normally.

How do i remove the install??  It appears to be an AHK script/executable, but it does not show up in the Add/Remove List, please tell me how to uninstall this!!

Tia!  =)

you dont have to uninstall it -- just exit it and delete the file if you want.


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