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IDEA: Double-click makes a new folder

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Hey guys. I want a program that when you double click on an empty space on a opened folder or on the desktop it would create a new folder. I would like it to automatically selects the name of it so I could easily rename it. An option to make text files instead would be nice as well. Thanks in advance

Compiled script uploaded.
- The file name is selected after it is created so you can easily rename it
- You can choose if you want the script to create text files or folders (text files are created by default - see the Config.txt file thats in the zip)

Sorry but I couldn't figure out a way to work with the desktop (wasn't sure how to detect if a file was or wasn't selected on the desktop)

OK this is good, but is there a way to not show the context menu while when you have double-clicked? Cause the context menu opens in a particular place and I have to move the mouse onto the New Folder option which is a hassle (this turns it into a triple click). As for the desktop thing, I don't mind cause I hardly make folders on the desktop anyway. Thanks for the reply/script.

That's weird, it worked fine for me. If your computer has some lag, maybe increasing the delay in the script will help. Have you tried both with and without the Config.txt file in the script's directory?

Try both and let me know the results and a detail on exactly what happens when you try the double clicking.

I'll try to modify the script's delay if needed.

OK, it is really strange. I increased my double-click speed to the max and I double-click, and instead of creating a folder, it takes me to the folder above. I delete the config.txt and it creates a new folder not txt file. I have to double-click really fast as well. This is all good but is there anyway to hide the context menu at all while double-clicking?


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