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Game Review: Defense Grid: The Awakening

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Defense Grid has just released a patch (on Steam) which, among other things, makes it compatible with DLC and adds 4 new levels (free) for Steam users.

* Support for DLC is enabled. Check out the new FREE DLC pack, Borderlands! Four challenging levels new to Steam players.
* Upgraded leaderboard performance - Defense Grid now uses the official Steam leaderboards. Unfortunately, this change resets all existing leaderboard entries, but the good news is that all of the leaderboards are wide open and waiting for your high scores to post. Defend the cores and show others how good you are.
* Corrected a bug in which Cannon towers would sometimes fire twice as often when using fast forward.
* Fixed an issue in which AI audio would still play even if the Voice Over volume was turned all the way down.
* Fixed an issue that prevented the Voice Over volume slider from responding to mouse input.
* The Achievements button on the Main Menu will now take the user directly to their stats and achievements page for Defense Grid.-
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I just tried a couple of the new levels. They are a lot more challenging (to complete without losing any power cores) because the power cores are wide open to assaults from all sides. Pretty fun!

I must say that I just got into this game about two weeks ago, *@($ YOU DEOZAAN!!!!, but I am hooked. I just completed the regular story mode on "The Awakening" and am no proceeding onto the challenges and earning gold medals. I am hooked! 2 thumbs way way up!

I'm glad you like it.

Defense Grid and Plants vs. Zombies are probably my two favorite TD games. :Thmbsup:

This deozaan and mouser character need to stop giving you names of games. All you do is play them"-Josh's Wife
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Thought you and mousey would appreciate that :)


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