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Game Review: Defense Grid: The Awakening

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I just completed level 19. It was one of the most fun levels I've played! There were so many enemies and so much carnage going on that I was able to fully upgrade every single one of the towers I built.

Here's a screenshot I took just as the last of the boss aliens was destroyed. It doesn't show the entire map, in fact it only shows half of my focal point where most of the aliens were dropping like flies.

Okay, just completed the final level (20). WOW! As much as I loved this game when I wrote the review (at about level 14), I have to say I am even more impressed now than I was previously! The difficulty really ramps up at the end, but so does the variety of ways you can direct the aliens' paths! Talk about a grand finale! That was incredible!

I give this game a 50 out of 10! It completely exceeded my expectations in every way!

Seriously. If you've spent more than 30 minutes playing a TD game before, you absolutely must buy this game! I've spent nearly 20 hours on it so far and I have hardly even touched any of the extra content. This is well worth the price of admission.

And by the way, Paul Keith, no plot twists, per se, but the final level was not what I was expecting. Also, the Defense Grid AI starts talking a lot more during the last few levels and by the end of the final level, you really feel like a story has been told and you feel good about what you've accomplished.  :Thmbsup:

Paul Keith:
Nice. Thanks Deozaan. That must've been one awesome final level.

great game I loved the demo  :Thmbsup: :-*


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