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Bug: commas in editbox "Strip trailing stuff"


I encountered the following issue:

When I type two commas in succession in the "Strip trailing stuff" editbox (in the Modify/format case dialog), the program hangs. I was trying to strip trailing commas from a string; obviously this is not the way! :-) Is there a way to "escape" a comma so it gets treated as a character to strip instead of as a separator?

I use version 1.05.02 on Windows XP.

I hope this helps you solve the problem.

great point! that hadn't even occured to me :)
i will add ability to escape out commas (probably ill just let you type ,, to mean strip commas.

ill try to have a new version out this week with an additional feature regarding text formatting that i think people will really like.

Thanks, that would be great...

Another thing I saw: I was trying to change the options "Start with Windows" and "Start minimized", but they didn't stick after a reboot. (I rebooted while Clipboard H&S was running.) The options did stick when I manually closed and restarted the application though. (I guess the same thing goes for some other options, but I haven't tried.)

Hope this helps.

Edit: oops, this might be the same thing as mentioned in this thread.

yep, same bug as other thread.
will be fixed asap.

ps. bug reports filed in the BugTracker (see button above) always get priority attention from me - it's just easier for me to keep track of, so if you feel like entering a bug report it would be much appreciated.


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