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Creating a partition on an external HD for an encrypted Volume

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Gparted works very well. It's the Gnome Partition Editor app that is run from a CD.  Easeus Partition Manager will also do what you want. The home edition is free for non-business use.

+1 for Fudder's approach, though. It's simple, and works! Whatever you decide, back up your data. Did I mention back up your data? You can screw up a partition and have endless grief, so back up your data! (You really should anyway. I back up to a server and external drives, DVD's, etc. Paranoid? Oh, yeah.)

Last thought: do this when you're clear about what to do and expect. This is not a project to tackle after an evening of Ketel One and Cranberry Alize martinis.

Oops, sorry about the spelling, f0dder :-[

Oops, sorry about the spelling, f0dder :-[
-OldElmerFudd (February 23, 2009, 08:50 PM)
--- End quote ---
Oh, don't worry - I'm used to it elsewhere, where it's loaded with malicious intent - I didn't read it that way from you, it just made me smile instead :)


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