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Creating a partition on an external HD for an encrypted Volume

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 I will backup.  What freeware alternatives are there?

I will backup.  What freeware alternatives are there? -jdd
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You could try Easeus

...And if you don't need FAT32, you can just do "convert x: /FS:NTFS" where X: is the drive letter of your FAT32 partition. It's nondestructive and fast.

I've always had good luck with GParted.  It runs from a bootable disk however.  I've read good things about Esaeus and have a copy but haven't tried it yet.

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, right fodder  :P

However, he does have the right of it.  If your drive is D: formatted as FAT32 and you want to move to NTFS, just use the convert tool.  You already have it and it converts everything to NTFS without destroying your data.  If you do need your FAT32 partition (for whatever reason, though I can't think of any unless you still use Win9x), then you should look at the multiple partitions talked about by others.

As for my earlier post, the fact that it has a 300GB HD instead of USB stick is irrelevant (even though I did misread that part of it).  Truecrypt doesn't care about the media type.  As long as it runs on the media and has some location for storage that it can address, it will work.  My little script just runs against Truecrypt, so it will likewise function.


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