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Make Firefox 3 load faster

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Most of the tweaks i saw in this vid didn't do much for me.
But a little further into the clip, there were a few i had never seen and so i decide to give them a shot. Working on XP Home SP2, this has made a notable difference for me.  :Thmbsup:

Link to video.

Be advised that you may want to lower your speaker volume...

Why oh why make a video of something like that, instead of a blog entry?
* f0dder sighs.
EDIT: wouldn't follow that guide... blindly enabling HTTP pipelining for proxies without knowing if it's supported is bad, and disabling IPv6 DNS seems misguided. And what's with "Expose full path to plugins", hmm? Initialpaintdelay=0 could spike up your CPU usage dramatically because a page might need a lot of re-flowing as it's loaded.

Video clips like these could be handy for nerds like me.  :-[

With regards to CPU usage, that could be true but with the improved start up speed i noticed, i guess at this point i'm ready to take the chance. Heck, it's almost just as fast as Opera 10 alpha!  8)

IPV6 delaying DNS queries was a known bug in older versions of Firefox. AFAIK is has been fixed for some time.

IMO Mozilla needs a warning when you install addons that warn they may significantly slow Firefox. I'm SOOOO tired of people whining about Firefox being slow, only to discover they're using 50 addons.


dantheman: wouldn't a blog entry with screenshots be just as good? In addition to being readable at your own pace, instead of a video that's either too fast or slow moving?

Besides, those tips don't speed up loading time of FireFox, but have to do with page load time (pipelining) and perceived rendering speed (initial paint delay... which doesn't make the page load/display faster at all).


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