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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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A potentially useful Tip: You know when these special offer websites insist on your giving a Facebook "Like", or a Google+ "Like", or your email address or some such? I usually prefer to give an email address.
However, to avoid getting spammed and to remain anonymous, one needs to avoid giving a "real" email address.
For this purpose I use the abine service MaskMe - the extension is here.
I think they might have upgraded/superseded this service to some paid alternative called "Blur", or something, but I continue to use my FREE MaskMe account and Firefox Add-on because it is soo useful.

What MaskMe does: When you are provided an online email address form to fill in, the MaskMe Add-on intercepts the email address field and offers to generate a unique email address. If you accept it, then it will insert the unique generated email address - e.g., such as [email protected] - into the email address field. That email address is then recorded on the MaskMe server as an anonymous alias attached to the real email address that you assigned to your MaskMe account when you registered and set up the account.

So, newsletters or whatever will be addressed and sent to that anonymous address, and the email is forwarded/rerouted to your real email address with a reference to the specific alias that it was sent to.

The thing is that, if you keep track of which anonymous alias you used for which individual organisation (sender), then you will be able to see if/when any given alias address has been passed on to spammers (because you'll start receiving spam addressed to that alias). Then you can just delete that alias from your MaskMe Account, and the spam will bounce at the MaskMe mailservers and you'll cease to receive spam addressed to that specific alias, and you will know who it is that has given away/sold your email address (untrustworthy).
Also, as a bypass to the process of going through the "unsubscribing" hoops to what turns out to be a spammy newsletter or something, you can just delete that alias from the MaskMe account.    :D
If you do use MaskMe, you can help them to help you by managing your real email account properly. Refer Why are my Masked Emails not forwarding properly? Your questions answered.

I think they might have upgraded/superseded this service to some paid alternative called "Blur", or something, but I continue to use my FREE MaskMe account and Firefox Add-on because it is soo useful.-IainB (May 03, 2016, 11:42 PM)
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Apparently you may lose MaskMe etcetera the next time you start using a new machine:

Horrible Experience (Rated 1 out of 5 stars) by windyctyprog on September 30, 2015 ·

I am moving to a new laptop and PC, tried to add Mask Me, won't work anymore.
Went to the site, tells me that it only shows my list from 470 days ago.
I've had an account for years, now it won't recognize anything, keeps trying to set up a new account.
I don't want Blur, have no need for it, I just want masked emails - I already use Last Pass, won't shop on-line anymore.
Now I've lost years of masked emails. Trying to deal with Abine over the years has been problematic, not sure they really care.-a former user's review
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Here are a few details from the very fine FAQ section :up:

, regarding this Blur thing:

Can I purchase Blur premium if I am not located in the U.S.?

For security reasons, we have pretty strict credit card authorization procedures, and one of those procedures is an AVS check, which we require to verify and charge a card that is put on file with us. Unfortunately, the majority of non-US card issuers do not support an AVS check, so most international users are typically not able to sign up and purchase a premium subscription.

In addition, Blur’s premium features are limited outside of the U.S., as masked cards only work with a valid U.S. billing address and masked phone only works in specific non-U.S. territories. However, the ability to backup & sync your account info is a premium feature that would work for anyone in any country.

If located outside the U.S., you may be able to sign up successfully via our mobile app (through GooglePlay or the Appstore), as we don't handle the subscription billing in those cases - but because we don't handle the subscription billing in these cases, we also cannot offer you any discount for the lack of full premium coverage.

If you’d like to be placed on a list of international users who wish to be notified when the full set of Blur’s premium features are available in their country, please email us at support[a]getabine[.]com with your country included, and we’ll be sure to contact you when Blur premium is available in your area!

How can I get Blur Mobile?

Click here to text yourself a link to install Blur to your iOS or Android device.

Why do I have a charge on my bank statement from Abine? What is it for?

The charge you're seeing could mean one of two things

    You purchased Blur premium: If the charge is for $5, $39, $59, or $79, that is a charge for a Blur premium subscription. It's also possible you purchased premium for one of our older products such as MaskMe or DoNotTrackMe.

    You purchased a Masked Card: As soon as you create a Masked Card, you will be charged by Abine. This is because Masked Cards work similarly to gift cards, meaning that you're charged to load the funds onto the Masked Card, just like if you were to purchase a gift card. If you created a Masked Card, but didn't use it, click here and then select 'Refund Card Balance' from your Masked Cards page.

If none of this sounds familiar, please contact support with details of the charge before you file a dispute against Abine/Blur, as we are happy to help resolve any payment issues directly.

How do I refund a Masked Card back to my credit card?

    Navigate to the Masked Cards section of your Privacy Dashboard, or simply click here.

    Click "Refund Card Balance" next to the Masked Card in question. The refund will be reflected to your real card in 2-5 business days.-Blur FAQ
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If one still has the status bar, StatusbarEx is informative:

[ Invalid Attachment ]

However, I don't understand how the author got his Firefox to merely use 133MB. Mine is using 533MB right now... I expect Miles is right:

I just noticed this thread was started in 2005. Still going strong. Although the way FF is trending it may wind down in a year or so.-MilesAhead (April 29, 2016, 10:18 AM)
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-Curt (May 02, 2016, 10:06 AM)
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What is the difference between AddOn Toolbar and StatusBar?  I have Classic Theme Restorer and have stuff showing in the AddOn Bar but nothing from this extension. 

( image deleted )

btw I am running FF 46.0 x64

Edit:  Never mind!  I had to restart.

[ Invalid Attachment ]

Edit2:  Hmmm, mouse hover seems broken now.  Back to drawing board.  :)

Edit3:  Working now.  OK.  I'll give it 5 minutes and see if it stays unbroke.

Edit4:  Maybe someone else running FF x64 can chime in.  But on my system it seems not ready for prime time.  Every time I load FF I have to do a FF restart for the stuff to show up on the toolbar.  Maybe I will try it again in a few months.

If one still has the status bar, StatusbarEx is informative-Curt (May 02, 2016, 10:06 AM)
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... on my system it seems not ready for prime time.-MilesAhead (May 04, 2016, 08:28 AM)
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^ Due to the "signed"+"signed", and because it is working well on my (32-bits) PC, I didn't notice at first that StatusbarEx hasn't been updated since 2011 :-[

StatusBarex is working just fine here.
Win 10 64bit - Firefox 46.0.1

It would have been handy to have had it a while back when Firefox used to hang alot (at least for me).

DarkYoutube is on my must have list:


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