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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Extension does more but actually all you need is a few lines in userchrome.css to combine stop/reload:

/* combine STOP and RELOAD buttons ------ */
#stop-button[disabled="true"] { display:none; }
#stop-button:not([disabled]) + #reload-button { display:none; }

Be sure stop button is to the left of reload before you apply or it wont work. Possibly the other way round  8)

There are also tricks/extensions for hiding tab-bar/toolbars, like bookmark bar only show when you hover mouse at menu bar for example. Annoying but some like it.

Miniflat is plain ugly  8) Matter of taste but Littlefox is more designed for maximum pixels 

Autohidestatusbar gives you more pixels, works very well

TinyMenu helps too.

Think I have 40 or 45 extensions. A few have not been mentioned or they will be again...

[*]Answers 2.1.12
Alt+Click on any word or term for quick info (definitions, up-to-the-minute reference, and more). No selection is necessary!
[*]BetterSearch 1.12
Enhances Google, A9, MSN, Yahoo, (web results), AllTheWeb,, (Ask Jeeves),,, Dogpile and by adding previews (thumbnails) and Amazon product info (images, prices) as well as new special links to the search results. (This extension was formerly known as McSearchPreview.)
[*]Bumble Search 1.22
Bumble Search: Mashing up the Web
[*]DiggThumbs 1.12
Adds website screenshot thumbnails to the listings on
[*]Favicon Picker 2 0.3.2
This extension adds a UI for replacing bookmark icons. This extension is based on the the version posted in MozillaZine. It also features an increased icon size limit.
[*]FavLoc 1.0.6
Easily download to commonly used locations.
[*]FireBug 0.4
Web Debugging Evolved
[*]FireFTP 0.94.3
FTP Client for Mozilla Firefox.
[*]Flat Bookmark Editing 0.7.5
Edit bookmarks in the bookmark manager, without opening the properties window.
[*]FlickrFox 1.2.0
Browse your Flickr Photostreams in a sidebar.
[*]GMarks 0.5.1
Shows your Google Bookmarks in the sidebar.
[*]greasedlightbox 0.16
Adds lightbox functionality to links that point to images. Use left and right arrow keys to cycle through images on page.
[*]Internote 2.1
Persistent sticky notes for Firefox.
[*]keywordManager 0.3
Small tool to manage bookmarks keywords
[*]Leak Monitor 0.3.4
This extension pops up an alert dialog to warn chrome and extension developers about one particular type of leak.  It warns when windows close but leave other code pointing at their JavaScript objects.
[*]Line Marker 2.0.2006072201
Adds a new menu "Line Marker" to the context menu. It changes color of selection.
[*]Linkification 1.2.4
Converts text links into genuine, clickable links.
[*]Menu Editor 1.2.2
Customize application menus
[*]myurlbar_a 2006.04.19
Changes the url bar to allow typing of names instead of addresses. Priority is as follows: bookmarks names, history names, history urls.
[*]Nightly Tester Tools 1.1
Useful tools for the nightly tester.
[*]No Squint 0.9.1
Zooms text by user-configurable percentage
[*]Print/Print Preview 0.3
Replace the default "Print" button with the Mozilla Suite style "Print/Print Preview" toolbar button/menu. Adds new options to context menu as well.
[*]repagination 2006.4.4
Right click "next" or "previous" or "2" link and flatten all results to one page. Ex. Search Results Page. There is also a slide show option.
[*]Resurrect Pages 1.0.3
Resurrect dead pages, by finding their ghosts.
[*]RSS Ticker 1.8.5
Scrolls your RSS feeds (Live Bookmarks) in a toolbar.
Helps you to save Web pages and organize the collection.
[*]Sort Bookmarks 0.7.0
This extension enhances bookmark sorting functionalities.
[*]Tab Control 0.2.3
Take control of your tabs!
[*]View Dependencies
Adds a tab listing dependencies and their sizes in the Page Info window.

I should dump the little Tab Control, Tab Mix Plus is unbeatable but since Im on 2.0 which already have Session/undo build in Im trying to avoid.

wow great list dk70  :Thmbsup:
learned about some new ones from your list that sound pretty cool.

wow great list dk70  :Thmbsup:
learned about some new ones from your list that sound pretty cool.
-mouser (September 11, 2006, 05:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

I second what mouser said. Thanks for all your time and effort putting of putting the list and descriptions together.


No time or effort. I forgot Infolister which was mentioned earlier  :) You can modify output so I put description variable in bbcode template. With some tweaking fancy pages can be made in html

Have just tried Save As Image in case Screenshot Capture dont work this should do.

I remember someone asking about bookmarks synchronizing extension. Here are two options that I know of:


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