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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Very useful post: Hide plugins, visited links and WebRTC from websites in Firefox | Firefox Extension Guru's Blog
Leads to these two pages in particular:

* Hide plugins, visited links and WebRTC from websites in Firefox - gHacks Tech News
* How Unique Is Your Web Browser's Fingerprint? - gHacks Tech News-IainB (August 04, 2014, 11:10 PM)
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Looks quite interesting.  Thanks for sharing these!

WikiWand = Wikipedia, But With A Modern Interface :
Wikiwand ( is a web site which skins the standard Wikipedia content with a much more modern and professional look and feel.  Instead of browsing the online encyclopaedia via the normal address, use instead.  You get the same content, but with a much better presentation (as you can see from the screen shot below).

Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

There's also a free browser add-in which, the makers claim, allow pages to load around 3 times faster.  But even without the add-in, Wikiwand certainly does do a great job of bringing an internet institution up to date.  And because of all Wikipedia's content is freely licenced, there are no legal issues over copyright. -techsupportalert
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The extension will per default not install in Pale Moon (=Firefox 24="too old"), but if you force it to install, it will work just fine with PaleMoon as well. We are not too old.

I find it interesting that Wikipedia is not visited - the WikiWand add-on will re-direct the user to the WikiWand site which is simply a mirror of Wikipedia - but with just one click the user can go to the same article in Wikipedia.

modified: Argh, I forgot a central part, didn't I:

An important point of the extension is that every time there is a wikipedia link in Google's search result, the add-on will automatically redirect you to the WikiWand site. Otherwise the procedure would of course be too slow.

It's pretty.

But it's slow.

I guess you could say "it's pretty slow."  ;) ;D

-did you maybe go without the extension? Of course the site can never be as fast as the much simpler original, but with the extension, I thought it was almost fast. I have removed it, because I like the old look.

Fastest Search
ScrapBook X
All-in-One Sidebar
Classic Theme Restorer
S3.Menu Wizard
Restartless Restart
Session Manager
Stay-Open Menu
Tab Grenade
Tab Mix Plus
Textarea Cache

Copy Link URL
Copy Plain Text
Copy Urls Expert

These 2 work together:
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