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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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... as Opera's. (Maxthon cloud comes closest but more because it has a built-in app launcher for an actual external notepad.)-Paul Keith (January 28, 2013, 09:34 PM)
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-made me remember New Tab King Firefox Extension   which includes an application launcher, like Launchy:

Quote URL Text_1.0.9b (title, url, quote, date)
multicopy_1.1 (list of Ctrl-c clips)
Web Of Trust

firefox_18.0.1 in live linux puppy-precise_5.4.3 from DVD-RW in amd64 box

Quote URL Text is like CoLT and CoLT can copy the selected text to clipboard as well. You can specify multiple formats for it as well instead of just one like Quote URL Text has at the moment.

Disclaimer: Not affiliated with CoLT just use it.

CoLT allows users to create custom formats to be used when copying a link location and its text. These custom formats also apply to copying the current page location and page title.
Born Geek ยป CoLT Custom Formats
Tuesday, March 05, 2013 5:21:36 PM

@sword: Many thanks for your post!    :Thmbsup:
I was particularly interested in the QuoteURLTextadd-on, which I had not seen before. I just made a post requesting that its functionality be built-in to CHS:
Feature request: Copy/store/paste the highlighted text and any related metadata.

@hamradio: Yes, I also use the amazingly useful CoLT, and I initially thought of it when I read about QuoteURLText, but they are not the same thing. QuoteURLText picks up the text and related metadata for pasting, which is different to what CoLT does - for example:

"Wikipedia" as the syntax name. So massive FAIL. It's "MediaWiki syntax". Which is what the Wikipedia is making use of.
Where can I report this critical error?


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