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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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superT seems to be simiar to tab mix pro

Note: I don't use firefox so I haven't tried it.

For sure it's two kinds of firefox users...

1. Extmaniacs also use to be a great Themeaniacs to :Thmbsup:

2. Securityiacs also use to be Paranoidiacs  :Thmbsup:

The demands and problems for those types use to be completley diffrent, the Extmaniac/Themeaniac just need to.... must try all extensions and themes out, which is great as a matter of fact, without them No.2 wouldn´t have all of the great extensions. It's not unusual that this guys experience a hole lot a problems, with major "dives" of Firefox and a huge amount of mem consumtion generated by all extensions and themes who is in the beta stage.

Now.... most of us have been there, therefore we know  :D Securityiac/Paranoidiac go green of all bugs and "dives" here we talkin as few extensions and themes as possible, what you use, you need.

My contribution to this most intresting thread is:

AdBlock Plus


Remove It Permanently (RIP)

IE Tab






AdBlock Plus, NoScript and Remove It Permanently (RIP) together wipe all ads flashes scripts away when you poke around www, and even the most "dirty" site go clean with this three. If you have a slow connection, you will enjoy this for sure, websites nowdays contain way to much interactive stuff for slowspeeders ;)

IE Tab to go IE ofcourse, so you can surf sites like Microsoft Update with Firefox.

ShowIP, this neat little thing let you se the the ip address of the sites you surf down in the status bar, even better, you can also trace the route of the sites with this tool.

Fasterfox, for the lazy bum, who don't do it the "about" way, this one is for squeezin a little bit more out of your Firefox.

DownThemAll! let you download multiple files, with whatever extension you can come up with, it work like all the free-standing apps made for this matter, with multiple threads and evrything, the guys who made this one, work hard with it, updates all the time, so be sure to use the update option.

NewsFox a simple but powerful rss/atom reader with just the stuff you need to read your feeds.

MM3-ProxySwitch, get anonymous with this one, simple and easy to use with a clean interface.

And my contribution to the theme department is:


A minimalistic theme so sweet for your eyes.

Thats all....  ;)

Best Regards

welcome to the site herronk - nice post, going to try some of those out..  :up:

i love the image from the noscript extension:

Hey there mouser....

Thx, I did my best, and thx for the warm welcome... I know, that pic is just awsome:)

So here is my updated list of extensions and themes for firefox. I have not symlinked any of these items, you can get them all from


* Plain Text to Link (PTTL) for opening non-hyperlinked URLs
* Forecastfox Enhanced shows me the weather, works world-wide!
* Customize Google lets me adjust appearance of the various google sites
* Feedbag to add RSS-feeds to Liferea
* Adblock Plus and Adblock Filterset.G Updater less ads, more fun. I can't use the internet without this!
* Google Browser Sync this one is new. it gives me very thourough synchronizations between browsers; I use it as means to back up my bookmarks.html

There is only one theme: miniFoxFlat! Gives you back your real estate without ruining anything. Small, compact, highly usable.
I love it!  :-*

And here I wonder why my firefox uses so much virtual memory ;-)


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