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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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What makes it the must-have extension is that there's practically no other reason to highlight text on a Web page except to copy it to your clipboard.

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Oh yes, there is a reason. You may want to search for it, for example. You may think this requires copying it to your clipboard, but SmarterFox and Easy DragToGo (and several other dragging extensions) disagree.

Cnet download blog proclaims "AutoCopy" the 'best' firefox extension. 
-mouser (June 27, 2009, 07:15 AM)
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- personally I find Auto Context to be better. Many more options, including auto-copy, if you want it to.

Auto Context may be nice if you copy-paste infrequently, AutoCopy saves you the extra click when you have to do it often.

I wouldn't call it the "best" extension, but it's indeed among the first I grab when reinstalling Firefox.

If you were interested in my uncluttered usability extensions mentioned earlier I made a collection:

Just posted this extension over in the "Annoyances" thread and thought it might get a warm reception here as well.

Lazarus is an extension that basically saves web forms so if 'Something Bad' happens and all the data you typed is lost forcing you to start over you can restore all your hard work with a single click.


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