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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Here are a few good discussions on the topic at WebWizGuide.

Extensions are one of the best things about Firefox. I like the webdev and mouse gestures best.

Tabmix+ is an awesome replacement for tabbrowser preferences and a whole lot less buggy.  Another great extension is- reload every, an extension that reloads any or all given tabs at a specified delay.  This is great for watching your e-bay, or whatnot.

Heh, well to continue all this ;) Have a nice look over here:

50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing
This post is constantly updated. [Last update 1/1/06]

I'll just consider this my contribution....and do try not to get lost for too long.....
Happy New Year to All

thanks dtrud0h, tabmix+ is a great find.. going to give that a try.

 tabbed browsing is the bees knees - anyone not using some tabbed browsing mode has no idea what they are missing.


Way back in December you said that you were looking for a program to save your bookmarks for viewing anywhere.  I swear by wurldbook (, a FREE web-based app that has changed my whole computing experience for the better. 

WB is a little clunky at first, but try it for a week and you'll soon be hooked.  It's a combination RSS aggregator and bookmark manager, but it will also spin out your added bookmarks into RSS feeds if you want, for easy blogging, and let you take notes about your bookmarks, and lots more.  It does everything that power users like the people on this forum will want and a good deal more.  Far too many features to list.  The only thing it doesn't do right now is take snapshots of pages you're viewing, like furl, or do social bookmarking stuff, like, but there are plenty of ways to integrate those tools with firefox extensions.

My favorite part about WB is that its developer, Olav Anderson, is a truly nice guy who isn't in this for money.  If there's a bug or you want a feature improved, just shoot him an email and chances are he'll fix it for you right away.  Enjoy!


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