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I'm easily confused so please talk s...l.....oooo.......w!
I'm still looking for the "supposed" script to disable lazyload.
I just came from that site with over 137,000 scripts on over 5,000 pages.
I'll need a clue as to how we do business there.
Got any tips>-Cuffy (July 31, 2014, 08:29 PM)
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Slow version:

1) Do you use Internet Explorer?
No -> Proceed to Step 2
Yes -> Give up

2) Do you use Firefox, (or other Mozilla based browser, eg. Pale Moon, CyberFox)?
No -> Proceed to Step 3
Yes -> Install GreaseMonkey addon, proceed to Step 4

3) Do you use Chrome, (or other Chrome based browser, eg. Soft Iron, Comodo Dragon)?
No -> I give up
Yes -> Install TamperMonkey, proceed to Step 4

4) Go to this website: nolazyload @ Userscripts mirror

5) Click big green Install button on top right of page.

S................l..................o...................w................e..........................r      please!


Got it thanks, it's the same dance we danced before except for the nolazyload script. I had searched the world over and down cellar for disable lazyload with negative results. Then the NoScript thingy in FF wouldn't let the nolazyload script load.

BUT....... nolazyload works........
Saving one of How-to-Geeks tutorials as htm file the includes folder contains all the images, full size, that without the script, you didn't get.
Works in FF...
Works in Chrome....
No images when you open saved html page in IE11.
Thanks again.....

important link if you ever want to install a userscript:  
-Curt (July 31, 2014, 05:25 PM)
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@Curt: How did you find out about that mirror? It seems to have been a little-known item, which always makes me curious.-IainB (July 31, 2014, 11:12 PM)
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ghacks: seems to just have gone. Well, there are some alternatives. (August 01, 2014, 06:20 AM)
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Are any of you going to edit that wiki.greasespot page, and paste in the ""-link, please? I don't have an account because I don't understand a fraction of what they are doing, so it ought to be done by one of you guys. ;-)

Anyone familiar with WinHTTrack
I just mirrored that user script site.
I have something in excess of 137,000 scripts.
Now, I think I need an expert from out of town, A Philadelphia lawyer, or both?
Any ideas??? :-[

Very useful post: Hide plugins, visited links and WebRTC from websites in Firefox | Firefox Extension Guru's Blog
Leads to these two pages in particular:

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