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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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TagSpaces Beta firefox 17-20 add-on, latest_1.2.1284 (2013.03.29).
Add tags easily to local file system filenames in chosen directory. 
Search, filter display. Drag&Drop tagging and moving. 
See videos, youtube, features, evernote-alternative, comments
by ugg, uggrock, UggRock, tagstrator. Started Aug. 2012.
-sword (April 18, 2013, 02:13 PM)
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not sure what you're saying there sword (?)
Had a look at the TagSpaces addon page, and I'm still not sure what it does - any more clues? :)

I believe it is a file manager that can tag every downloaded file, and replace Evernote
- all from within Firefox.

What is TagSpaces?
    A Firefox add-on, which allows you to navigate and organize your local files with the help of tags.
    A extensible platfrom providing a web based user interface for your hard drive.
    A purely locally running application, which does not need a web server.

Key Features:
    File browsing, viewing, editing and tagging (without the need of a database)
    Different visualization possibilities of directory structures and files
    Portability of the tags, due to the fact, that tags are saved in the filename

Typical Use cases:
    Evernote alternative
    Personal wiki
    Data i.e. file management

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I installed it, still not sure about Evernote or wiki part but I guess I have to poke around more than 30 seconds :)

I have quite a lot of favourite extensions in common with various other suggestions posted here and I'm not going to list all of them because of the yawn factor. However, a couple of less common suggestions that I'd like to +1:

Possibly my favourite Firefox extension is Speed Dial. I don't do bookmarks, I do dials. I can categorise sets of places into dial "groups" and I really like the way this works.

I'm also extraordinarily fond of Newsfox. I've tried all sorts of RSS readers but this one just works for me, and I use it all the time. There are a couple of minor idiosyncrasies -- sorting is slightly counter-intuitive -- but I've stuck with it for some years now and it's yet to disappoint me.

I believe it is a file manager that can tag every downloaded file, and replace Evernote
- all from within Firefox.
-Curt (April 18, 2013, 03:08 PM)
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Looks rather intriguing. Shall give it a whirl, and see.


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