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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Greasemonkey!! "Always on"
-My favorite by far and the amount of scripts made for it is insane.

Open With Photoshop! "Always on"
-Very useful since I'm a Ps junkie.

Adblock Plus "Always on"
-I hate ads!

Menu Editor "Always on"
-Lets you edit your context menus as well as your main tool menus.

Element Helper "Always on"
-It's nice but I had to edit my own script to make it better to use with one click.

Firebug "On when needed"
Very handy!

No Script "Always on for sites I don't know."
InspectorWidget "On when needed"
-Nice for scripting.

Foxy Proxy "Always on"

All in one gestures. "Always on"
Yup I'm lazy.

Tabmix Plus "Always on"
-My tabs MY WAY!

All in one sidebar "Always on"
-Pop out bar on mouse hover or click.

Hide Caption Titlebar Plus "Always on"
-Cuts the bars down to a small icon till you hover over it.

No squint site settings. "Always on"
-Nice for custom page colors. "Yeah I know stylish is better but I like NSSS better."

Remove It Permanently "Always on"
-The adblock element helper makes this one useless but I still keep it.

LastPass "Always on"
NewScrollbars "Always on"

PageZipper "Always on"
-F you next page button!

ProxyFire "Always on"
-A quick proxy switcher that comes with their software I use it with proxy goblin only because it checks the list better.

CoolPreviews "Sometimes"
QuickJava  "Always on"
-Lets you disable Java,Javascript,Proxy,Flash,Silverlight,Cookies,Images,Animated Images and CS styles.

FVD Speed Dial  "Always on"
-I use it as my home page since it helps me keep track of my bookmarks very nicely.

TLDR: Too Long Didn't Read "Always on" (It kicks as when you don't have time to read a full page.)
-Reads the page for you and gives you a summary and surprisingly it's very damn accurate.

Rotate Image "Sometimes"
DownThemAll! "Always on"
-Goodbye internet download manager.

User agent switcher "When needed"
-Some guys like to dress up as chicks but I like to dress up as Google.  :P

@hamradio: Yes, I also use the amazingly useful CoLT, and I initially thought of it when I read about QuoteURLText, but they are not the same thing. QuoteURLText picks up the text and related metadata for pasting,
-IainB (March 05, 2013, 07:38 PM)
--- End quote ---

What type of metadata like full formatting and all or another as curious now if I should have the other as well?

What type of metadata...?
-hamradio (March 05, 2013, 09:34 PM)
--- End quote ---
Take a look here: Feature request: Copy/store/paste the highlighted text and any related metadata.
- and at the Quote URL Text add-on itself, here: https://addons.mozilla.or...refox/addon/quoteurltext/

I don't really know enough about CoLT to be able to offer suggestions.

Love New Tab King - thanks Curt!  :Thmbsup:

Love New Tab King - thanks Curt!-CleverCat (March 13, 2013, 04:16 AM)
--- End quote ---

-glad you like it, CleverCat. However, I never understood the deeper meaning of New Tab King (!) - I only tested it for a few minutes, to see if it could replace Launchy, and then removed it, because it also was so many other things that I didn't want it to be - so I would really like you to tell about it, please:

What is it about New Tab King that you like?  :tellme:


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