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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Right now I am testing both Auto Context Extension and HyperWords. They are sort of dubbing each other, but after an hours trying out the various options, I have managed to make them integrate nicely with the default Firefox 2 context menu.

For images I use Image Zoom and Image Tweak.
So I can open an image in a new tab and use the zoom functions.
Using zoom in the same page distorts the rest of the page and was annoying.
So these two together made it much simpler when I want to view an image only.

You can go with just Image Tweak I think but I liked Image Zoom also.

Hmm..., cmpm, this Image Tweak is experimental and for logged-in users only. What other advantages are there, being logged in ? Does it take something special?

No nothing more then registering.
It's easy and simple.
I haven't had any problems or junk mail.
The addon works great too.

Turns out I already had registered, but obviously forgot...  :-[

Other than that, I think Mozilla has replaced an acceptable site map with a far worse one. Thousands of add'ons will stay undiscovered because of this stupid design.


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