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About the Prize Optimizer Used in Our Drawings

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Carol Haynes:
LOL - 's OK I'm not begging - I just thought if you had a mathematical formula for happiness there may be a similar one for depression ;)

I think you guys are just awesome.
The way you all write code is amazing to me.
btw...My happiness level is 100%  :up:

i have added a custom script to show me the posts of each entrant so that those people who have helped others on the forum get some bonus weight which makes it a little more likely that they will win. and when you have won recently you will be less likely to win again in the near future.

This is a brilliant system -- and I'm not just saying that because of my estimated 100% happiness last night.

It sure beats the old yanking paper out of a hat trick.

You can't be happier than me. I just won and have been playing with the software all day.

Love the site  :Thmbsup:



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