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About the Prize Optimizer Used in Our Drawings

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Any way we can get our hands on this prize-giver software? I have something I could use it for...

i've been thinking of making it public if there is some interest..
i'm actually just adding some more features to it, so remind me in early june..

just an idea, but could you build in a temperature or degree of cloud cover parameter. That way, people who live in, say, England, where its always rainy and miserable could have a higher chance of winning than in, say, Australia, which is always lovely. Its a sort of social justice/equity thing.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Carol Haynes:
LOL - try telling that to the south of England where there seems to be about as much water as Alice Springs these days !! Just a shame it doesn't have the same population!


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