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Meme time! Five Things People Don't Know About Me

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For a meme like this to be successful, it should contain some 'spicy material' I think, so here goes:

1. My only brother has recently chosen a "career" as professional criminal.
2. When I was (very) young, my curiosity killed a real cat   :(
3. At heart I am a dog person anyway.
4. I bought all my drivers licenses for this country (but earned them in originating country).
5. I am in love with a woman who is totally into God, while I am not.

-Shades (February 01, 2009, 10:45 PM)
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Well, Shades

(1) For over twenty years, my only brother's only brother was a professional criminal, but the statute of limitations ran out years ago.

(2) I used to have pins and screws in one leg, but the only hardware left these days is the bolt in my neck.

(3) I was assigned by CBS to photograph the Beatles during their 1966 US tour.

(4) I've traveled through the lower 48, Alaska, and western China as a geologist.

(5) I'm a cat person, while my two best friends are dog persons.

Your only brother's only brother sounds like a real character - whatever happened to him? Is he on the straight and narrow now?

5% leet. Yes, that means that i tend to go "LOL", "ROFFLE" and "OMFG" out loud.
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I just got the habit of it.
-mahesh2k (February 23, 2009, 02:16 PM)
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High 5 :D :P

I don't say LOL, I perform LOL. Gamerkids nowadays, *sigh* :P

I don't say LOL, I perform LOL. Gamerkids nowadays, *sigh* :P
-f0dder (February 24, 2009, 12:32 AM)
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How about with LMAO, or ROTFL?


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