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Fundraiser discussion.. again.. need help with ideas

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How about Fundraiser USB drivers?
-mahesh2k (February 24, 2009, 03:06 PM)
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Not a bad idea - but should definitely be done as prizes! As stated above, I think that whatever ideas we come up with/agree to should have a truly minimal impact on DC's accounts!

How about Fundraiser USB drivers?
-mahesh2k (February 24, 2009, 03:06 PM)
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Not a bad idea - but should definitely be done as prizes! As stated above, I think that whatever ideas we come up with/agree to should have a truly minimal impact on DC's accounts!
-Darwin (February 24, 2009, 03:19 PM)
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on the other hand it might be a good idea to have a "product line" that you could offer for sale year round

tshirts ? (I know you have those expensive hoodies as prizes but you could produce a more basic line for the plebs) cause you could sell it year round it's not particularly "fundraiser-drive" material but worth thinking about, especially with such a good designer/illustrator as nudone on board!  (do you have a link again to those hoodies?)

Posters too ? (I'd like one ;))

I like the "store" idea, and you already have that sort of in place.  If you just created a page to display available items/prices, then it should be great.  Don't forget to add the static sticker idea Darwin mentioned - I would so buy one!  I like these stickers and I like putting them on my car, but I will NOT put an exterior standard sticker on.  The static ones, I can take with me to my new car when this one expires.

My first thought though is the thermometer (Wasn't this brought up somewhere else already?)  Anyway, if it gave an actual reading that we watched grow, that would be awesome.  I donate $100 (see that little blip, it was my donation  ;D) Don't forget to make it really large (say $15,000 for example) with a line at the goal mark.  If we can beat the goal, all the better!  Lets shoot for busting the application by overdonating  :Thmbsup:

As for the badges, well you already have a badge and naming system.  Is there one for donors?  I could care less about this personally, I like badges for work done (earned if you will).  Buy-a-badge doesn't do anything for me.  However, for others, it does.  There is a world full of completeists out there who would donate just to complete a badge collection.  Not that I am looking at Darwin or anything.  His software compulsion is just the need for everything ever coded, not set completion per se.  :P

How about this for another idea?  Many programs, particularly ones that rely on membership growth, support a bring a new member day.  Perhaps we could compile a best of DC CD (ISO, or whatever) that we could give out to a friend as a sort of introduction to DC.  It should include some of the best software and some sort of a key generator so that it tracks back to the compiler (the DC member who made it for the friend)  This key would be a way of tracking who is bringing in new members and can be used for a prize idea or even just recognition.  Heck for those who like the badges, you can even use it to have a badge line (1 new member, 5 new members, etc.).  I know I have mentioned the site to MANY people, but I don't know anyone who has actually visited, let alone joined.  I think that is because it is too much of a hastle for them to look for the site if they don't know what they are missing.  I tell them, but that only goes so far - seeing the software and the community in action - well that is effective!  At least it was for me when a friend of mine introduced me.  The best part of the CD idea is that it can be completely free of charge to DC.  The referring members can create the CD and distribute it; or for those on a very low budget, I suggest using a virtualCD program and mounting the ISO.  Though that may be problematic as it prevents you from just giving a copy to someone unless they already know exactly what they are doing with ISO files...Anyway that is my idea.  Refinements welcome.  8)

thanks for such an encouraging post steel :)

My first thought though is the thermometer
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already fully implemented with all the details you describe -- will go live in march.  it's a bit nervewracking but it's fun to try new experiments  :Thmbsup:

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we could have a special badge for those who donate during the fundraiser.

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we could give a special mug to everyone who donates over X amount ($100?), as a special thanks for big donors

I like the DCCD idea, in some form or another! (Palindromic acronyms always appeal.)
Presumably there's a record somewhere of the most popular downloads. So, perhaps a sampling of those with a link to the software page here, and links to some of the best-read topics.

The trouble with rewarding donors of 'large' amounts is that it leaves out those whose 'small' donations represent a large proportion of disposable income.
When I were a lad a $5 donation to anything would have been all but impossible. $1 to me literally would have been worth more than $100 to many others.
I still think it's a good idea to acknowledge large donations in case it encourages some who like to be stroked but we should be careful to make anyone who contributes feel good.  Fortunately, mouser seems very skilled at doing just that.


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