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Fundraiser discussion.. again.. need help with ideas

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We could auction off "bragging rights" ;-)

c-base last year had a fundraising auction, where we had several items up for "sale". One was a permanently reserved seat in one of our plane seats. The winner comes to Berlin once a year only so did not really gain something for his money, but he can at least claim to have secured a seat when c-base takes off.

Now I completely understand that DC is different from c-base, and you will understand this was just an idea :)


Now I completely understand that DC is different from c-base
-housetier (January 30, 2009, 01:57 PM)
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Sure is. You guys have plane seats!  8) That is very very cool. :Thmbsup:

Just to add my voice to 40hz' advice to mouser:

1. Ask. Don't be bashful or timid about asking for donations.
-40hz (January 30, 2009, 12:43 PM)
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Very true!

This is a confirmation that, while possible ill-timed to coincide with tax season, the DonationCoder 4 Year Anniversary fundraiser will take place in March 2009.

I need some more ideas for the fundraiser.. anyone got anything creative and fun in mind?

How about Fundraiser USB drivers?


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