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Fundraiser discussion.. again.. need help with ideas

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the donation chart
is very US Centric, as the first slab $1-$20,000 covers a huge number of the world population. And by that chart, they should donate $10 if they love the site.

another thing encourage people to say things like:
if you do .... I will donate XX to DC!

the chart is mostly a joke so don't take it too seriously.

on the other hand, you are right about the $1-$20,000 row, perhaps the first row should be $0-$5,000 and second row $5,000-$20,000

OR more sensibly one should apply a linear (or perhaps more appropriate logarithmic) scale to calculate the exact donation amount based on your location within the range given by any row.

i'll leave the function as an exercise to the reader, but i will offer a deluxe programming badge award and space ship cody mug for the first person who codes a web page that calculates this from an inputted income value and applies the proper function.  bonus points for automatic currency conversion, and for a choice of linear/log/exponential function mapping; super bonus points for drawing an actual curve and showing their position on the curve.  plus we will feature the function on the chart page.  :up:

Well.. who is going to volunteer to code this?


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