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Cleaning Inside the Case

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Here in Sweden you can buy a special computer cleaning add-on for 6$ that fits any standard size vacuum cleaner. There's probably something similar elsewhere.  (see attachment in previous post)
-Nod5 (January 30, 2009, 04:16 PM)
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That sounds pretty cool. Never saw that before.



Paul Keith:
Nod5, any online site for that?

maybe i was unlucky, maybe i was dumb (or both).

but i'm pretty sure i've killed one cpu in one machine and almost certainly killed a stick of ram from cleaning out computer cases with a brush (a soft large paint brush).

so i'd be extra careful when you are using those vacuum cleaner attachments with the brushes on them. maybe they aren't meant to be used inside the case.

I lean it up against a fence outside and fire up the electric leaf blower!!
-Edvard (January 30, 2009, 10:15 AM)
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Lmao you can't be serious!!! I'll have to try that one day. ;D

I have a USB powered vacuum, very similar to the one you linked - it isn't ... powerful like one would usually want, but it does get the lighter and bigger dirt (the obvious stuff). I used to put vent filters in my fans (i have 150mm fans so it fits just perfectly), but the air lost a lot of speed (obviously). It did pick up a LOT of dirt though. Kind of disgusting.

I'm really liking the Data-Vac Pro model for $69.99 at Amazon. According to the reviews there this has a blower mode which appears to generate about the same or a little more pressure than the canned air dusters. With what I spend on air dusters (~ $7 per can), this could save some $$ in the long run.



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