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Few question about CircleDock...

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Hello, first i want say that Circle Dock is amazing launcher. Best of all what i tested. I installed last alpha version and i have few questions about CD..

1. Is there any way to start CircleDock with windows but minimized? Maybe some command line parameters can do that?

2. Is there any way to automatic close CircleDock when you click alsewhere than CircleDock ring? If not perhaps it can be feature in next release?

Would be great when CircleDock will be closed when you move cursor over the CircleDock ring as option of course.

Please for any help. Thank you.



I haven't used CD for a month or so now, so I can't really answer your questions, BUT I can say that posting multiple times is just going to annoy people. Wait and see if someone replies and ONLY bump a topic after at least a couple days. It is just rude - kind of like asking someone something, and when they don't reply because they are thinking/doing multiple things, you poke/tap them.

On that note... BUMP.

OOPS :Thmbsup:


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