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i'm thinking of using virtualbox inside window 7 to emulate the "winxp mode". how hard would that be?
-lanux128 (May 14, 2009, 07:18 AM)
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not possible AFAIK if you want it to the extend of having apps appear in your windows 7 start menu.

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Recently I had a techie recommend using a VirtualBox solution for my Linux install rather than a dual-boot. (Which is planned for Real Soon Now -- as soon as I reinstall the XP that GParted crashed out on the play puter, for which I need to handle a bootmanager problem.)

A full OS in a virtualbox does seem odd to me, however I do like the reference here, how should I use the VirtualBox ?  Linux, test environment sandboxing, this and that ?

Steven Avery

Good point justice, you do need a whole OS separately dedicated to the XP apps. My thinking is though once you've done that and have the XP os running then with features like shared clipboards, seamless windows, shared folders, etc the applications can talk to each other reasonably easily.

Anybody got an idea how the XP mode in Win7 actually works? AFAIK it does contain an entire XP install that's run in the VM, but how are applications handled? Do they get installed in the VM image, or are they installed on your Win7 system and sorta box-wrapped into the XP-VM?

VirtualBox, Nice Option.  :up:

I found PortableUbuntu alternative to Wubi : , i think even this app takes help of virtualization features as it reads partition on windows disk.


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