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i was thinking in parallel with how Microsoft implements the XP mode in Win 7, though i haven't tried it yet. (maybe over the weekend). currently one has to download Microsoft's Windows Virtual PC (beta) then download an image of WinXP and install both.

substituting Virtual PC with VirtualBox looks viable as the computer nowadays would have the juice to load a WinXP OS within Win7 to run a certain XP app without any compatibility problems. but as mentioned bu justice and Eóin earlier, the problem is to make a WinXP app "talk" to a Win7 seamlessly.

Anybody got an idea how the XP mode in Win7 actually works? AFAIK it does contain an entire XP install that's run in the VM, but how are applications handled? Do they get installed in the VM image, or are they installed on your Win7 system and sorta box-wrapped into the XP-VM?
-f0dder (May 14, 2009, 05:49 PM)
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For what I read, the applications get installed in the VM image, and shortcuts for the apps are created into a specific section of the Start menu of Windows 7.


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