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IDEA: Longer list of recently opened documents

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Windows keeps a list of maximum 9 recently opened documents.
I would like to have an unlimited (user defined number?) list of recently opened documents, which preferably includes full path name and date of last open.
Is such a program anywhere available? If not, would it be hard to write one?
Thanks in advance for your reply,

Check out RecentX.

Vista Start Menu is showing 38 x 9 = 342 recent docs here
Most probably not what you looking for but posting in case :-\

Dear tinjaw, thanks for the link; will check it out.
Dear tomos, I use XP.

Dear tomos, I use XP.
-daanvink (January 27, 2009, 08:32 AM)
--- End quote ---

me too lol
as I say it's going in a different direction - it's a programme that takes over the start menu in XP (& presumably vista too) & makes it much easier to navigate (using keyboard) and launch stuff etc.


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