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circledock will not install

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When I try to install CircleDock 0.9.2 Alpha 8.2 I receive the following error message

" Fatal Non-UI Error. Could not write the error to the event log. Reason: The source was not found,
but some or all event logs could not be searched. Inaccessable logs: Security. "

I am running Vista SP 1.

I would appreciate any help.


Did you extract the entire file? Or just the exe file?

I downloaded the zip file. Double clicked on the zip file. Filzip program opened. Double clicked on the CircleDock0.9.2Alpha8.2 file directory icon.
Double clicked on the CircleDock.exe application.

That's it.

I'm guessing I missed something !!!    :( :(

This may be absolutely pointless, but try extracting the entire file to your desktop. Then open the file, and click the circledock.exe.
If this works, there may be some path issues.
If not, then I will have to do some home work to see.
Since this is a contained/single package software.
I would then assume that it maybe a system configuration issue, or a driver clash/issue.

What is your OS?


I created a new folder and extracted the entire file to it.

I clicked on the .exe file and the program ran just fine.

thanks for your help.     :) :)


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