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Feature requests: file drag&drop, ltem level changing...


This docklet is amazing, but in my opinion there are some features that would bring it yet one step further.

1) Files and folders drag & drop into folders linked by a shortcut. I've tried some different dock software and I think old Rocketdock is the only one offering this feature. I tried this interesting solution, which worked for me on Objetdock. It doesn't work on CircleDock but, hopefully, in the next version...  ;)

2) I really miss the ability to move shortcuts to a different CircleDock level from where they are placed, instead of having to remove them, get to the desired level and adding a new one. It would be nice if items where removed dragging them out the dock, so the central circle would be available for other functions, like the one I commented above.

3) Central button link customizing, instead of default start menu launcher.

*) Oh, and of course... docklets!  ;)

I dumped off Objectdock... CircleDock just smells so good...  :D

BTW, sorry for my english... I'm spanish, um...

I don't know if there's some way to do this, but I would prefer if upon clicking on a shortcut for an application that's already running, opening that window instead of running a new instance of that application. For example, I have a shortcut for Firefox, when I click it, it opens a new Firefox window instead of bringing forward the first one. That's the only feature I would need in order to completely replace my old dock.


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